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Earn Cash

There are several ways in which you can earn cash.


We pay a once off 5% referral fee to anyone who introduces a new client to us that results in a sale. The referral fee is payable on the full contract value either in one or three installments, depending on the size of the contract. The referral fee is a once off payment that is paid on the first sale only - i.e. no referral fees will be paid on subsequent sales to the same client.

Anyone can refer a client - click here if you have a client to refer.


Commissions are paid to sales agents who bring sales to us. Sales agents act as intermediaries between Xuma Media and the client. This is different from a referral where we deal directly with the client referred to us.

Commissions range from 10 - 12.5% and are renewable. In other words if the client renews the contract or takes out a new contract (providing it is through the sales agent) commission will be paid on the renewed or new contract. Commission is not payable if the client deals directly with us. We do not approach clients of our agents without first giving them the opportunity to handle the transaction.

If you would like to sign up as a sales agent click here.

Landlord Rentals

Horizontal and vertical wall wraps are an effective form of outdoor advertising and can provide an excellent income for landlords. Do you have space available on your business premises or do you know someone in a prime location? If so contact us here.

FEATURED SITE: An important arterial route in Moreletta Park connecting Hans Strijdom Dr and Garstfontein Rd which has traffic radiating from the CBD to and from Pretoria's affluent areas.

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