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Xuma Media is an outdoor advertising company focused primarily on billboard advertising. These are the structures you see along the side of the road or on the sides of buildings that carry a message from an advertiser.

Who should advertise on billboards?

Anyone who has a requirement to increase exposure for their product, company or brand. A common misconception is that billboard advertising is utilised soley by blue chip companies with big advertising budgets and prominent advertising agencies who run their campaigns, but the truth is that billboard advertising is accessible to anyone with a growing business.

Another common mistake businesses make is to cut advertising costs during a recession, but research over the last few decades has conclusively demonstrated the value of standing out from the crowd when the market is quiet. Although it's prudent and wise to cut costs when times are tough, there are good arguments to be made for increasing your advertising budget when the economy takes a tumble.

More to support this claim on our Research page.

Why outdoor?

A 2002 AMPS survey reported that outdoor billboard advertising in SA reached a greater number of consumers than Television, Magazines, Newspapers and Print and because of its impressive reach it is one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums.

Consumers can channel-flip away from television and radio advertisments or throw away printed ads without a glance, but it's far harder to ignore a well-positioned billboard in an uncluttered open space. These advertisments stand out, force awareness and effectively promote brand recognition.

Refer to the Why Outdoor? page for information on this.

What does it cost?

Board costs vary significantly based on product type, location and amount of daily traffic but very roughly a standard 3x6m Citi-lite face will cost in the region of R12500-R20000 per month.

Here's another way of looking at it - a one month billboard contract with 24 hour exposure, 7 days a week in a location with daily traffic of 30,000 vehicles per day will cost roughly the equivalent of one or two 30s prime time advertisments on a leading Gauteng radio station or a knock-and-drop campaign with 30,000 pamphlets.

For more information on pricing, please call us on 086 100 XUMA (9862) or Contact Us through our enquiry form.

A 3x6m billboard site on Tsamaya Rd, opposite Mamelodi Hospital in Pretoria.

"The business that considers itself immune to the necessity for advertising sooner or later finds itself immune to business." [Derby Brown]

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